Wood, Vinyl, and Cedar: Which is the Best Material for Garden sheds


Amish built sheds in your backyard can serve many different functions. They can be storage sheds, gazebos, or a safe place to store equipment and tools.

Putting up a garden shed is a significant investment. The structure should protect the tools and equipment, but also be aesthetically pleasing. Amish barns and gazebos are made of wood, vinyl, and cedar.

The type of material you use for the shed can affect the longevity and the beauty of your backyard. In this article, w

e explore the pros and cons of each.

Wooden Garden Sheds

Wooden garden sheds have that rustic look that makes them aesthetically pleasing in the eyes of many homeowners. It has a natural texture that is difficult to recreate. There are vinyl barns that are designed to look like wood, but the grain and uniformity do not always feel natural.

Wood also comes in a wide variety of colors and textures, which makes it suitable for different designs of garden sheds. They are easy to customize, which means you can quickly add flower boxes, windows, and entry points to the structure.

Wooden Amish garden sheds do not warp like vinyl, which makes it a suitable option for cooking and BBQ enthusiasts. Even though many people are often afraid that wood will rot, commercial wood undergoes treatment to insulate it from moisture.

However, if the garden shed is not properly treated, it can succumb to the harsh elements of the weather. 

Wood is affordable to acquire. However, it can prove to be more expensive than vinyl and may breakdown, if you do not commit to periodic maintenance.

Vinyl Custom Sheds

If you are looking for a garden shed that does not require a lot of maintenance, vinyl may be the best option. Vinyl gazebos and barns have multiple overlapping panels. The panels do not require treatment and insulation like wood. They can be cleaned with water and detergent when necessary.

Vinyl also comes in a wide range of colors and textures. Some custom gazebos and sheds have a design that mimics the texture and color of the wood. Even though they do not look as natural, they are an inexpensive option if you want the aesthetics of a material like cedar.

The fact that the sheds are lightweight can both be a disa

dvantage and an advantage. The weight makes it easy to install. But the lack of a heavy mass to hold it down may require an anchor for windy locations.

Another drawback is that vinyl garden sheds can warp when exposed to heat. They also can break on impact. You may want to consider whether the activities that take place in the outdoor structure can compromise the structure. Vinyl custom Amish sheds may not always be the best option to host cooking or barbeque parties.

Cedar Sheds

Cedar is an aesthetically pleasing material in its natural state. It is classy, sophisticated, and an ideal option for patios, gazebos, and garden sheds for your backyard. Cedar is a fragrant wood that produces a pleasing odor for years. On top of that, it develops a patina, making it more aesthetically pleasing as it ages.

Another important advantage of cedar is that it can resist insects, moisture, and wood rot. The tree produces compounds such as Thujone, which repel insects such as moths, ants, and termites. By deterring pests, they also minimize the rate of rotting even after exposure to the elements.

One of the biggest drawbacks of cedar garden sheds is the price. The plant takes time to grow and is difficult for manufacturers to acquire. However, given its ability to withstand harsh weather conditions and attacks from pests, it is a solution for long-term storage needs.

In Conclusion

There are several types of Amish built sheds you can install in your backyard. It depends on your taste and its intended location. You could take advantage of rentals to get a shed that would, otherwise, break your budget if you were to purchase it. For further details, you can check out our website.