With Amish Furniture, Quality is the Name of the Game

Amish built structures or furniture have an extremely good reputation, making it highly sought after by many people. It first came mainstream renown in the 1920s, thanks to art dealers and historians putting a lot of value on the beauty and quality of the pieces. Early American folk art also gained prominence at that time, which aided in its popularity. However, almost 100 years later, Amish furniture and other structures — from an Amish cupola to their handmade wooden furniture — remain in demand for their high quality and one of a kind construction. Times have changed though, and getting Amish furniture isn’t as difficult as it might once have been if you didn’t live near an Amish community. Plenty of Amish builders now have an online presence, so if you’ve been hankering after an Amish cupola, but live, say, out west or down South, it’s possible to make it happen! 

The Quality of Amish Furniture 

One of the claims to fame for Amish furniture is that 100% of it is handcrafted. It’s always made of solid wood — none of that plywood or composite wood with Amish furniture! — and usually made from oak, cherry, hickory, walnut, or maple. 

Because it’s handmade and handcrafted, special care is taken with each piece — it’s not put down an assembly line and assembled that way by a machine. Instead, someone has lovingly handcrafted your rocking chair, shed, or hutch. 

And that high level of quality also means that it’s very durable, so it will last for years to come, something that the majority of consumers says they expect. Indeed, in a survey of over 2,000 consumers, over 95% said that they expected their furniture would last for many years. 

Why Else Should I Buy Amish Furniture? 

In addition to its durability and high quality, purchasing Amish furniture also helps support local, American businesses, not to mention the Amish community. In a time where more and more people are looking to buy local, Amish furniture neatly offers a way to do so. Sure, production costs might be a bit higher than if you bought something that was outsourced to another country, but you know exactly where it was made, and many people feel proud to have something made in the USA in their homes. 

Amish furniture is also just beautiful. The natural wood gives it a beautiful feel and timeless elegance. It’s not just a trendy piece that can be easily outmoded within a few years. It’s a piece of furniture that will have lasting staying power in your home and can easily be passed down through the generations as an heirloom piece. 

Furthermore, because each piece is handmade, you’re basically ensured that no other piece like it quite exists. Oak and cherry, for example, have a lot of variety in their grain and coloring, so even if someone orders the exact same chair or table as you, because of the nature of the wood, it will still have a different appearance as the one you ordered. 

Why Consider an Amish Cupola? 

A cupola can add a striking element to your home, shed, or barn. With an Amish cupola, you’re guaranteed that, as well as a high-quality level of craftsmanship and durability. It’s another timeless addition to your home that provides extra ventilation and looks aesthetically pleasing. 

There are also usually a multitude of options and designs to choose from, with the possibility of adding lighting as well, to stand out even more at night. When you choose the design and style you want, it can be shipped right to your door. If you’re ordering online, you should be ready to wait at least 12 to 16 weeks before receiving it. It’s a longer wait time, certainly, but since it’s handmade, that’s to be expected. 

Give yourself the gift of a beautiful handmade piece of Amish furniture. It’s something that will last for years and lend your home an elegance and beauty that’s hard to find elsewhere. Similarly, if you’re looking at outdoor structures, consider those built by the Amish for durability.