Why You Should Consider A Rent To Own Shed


America is a nation of clutter. Consumerism is encouraged everywhere you look and is almost impossible resist; it’s easy to buy things and even easier to forget that you don’t actually have the space for them.

As a result, more and more people are turning to storage facilities — they get to keep their items safe and secure without drowning in chaos at home. Even more popular are custom sheds that allow you to keep your things close by and easily accessible without ruining the aesthetic of your yard. Wooden sheds are favored due to their craftsmanship and longevity (they last between 15 and 20 years), but the price tag tends to account for that. The best option? Investing in rent to own sheds. Let’s examine why.

  • Affordability: Not everyone has the cash required to buy a high quality wooden or Amish shed. With rent to own sheds, you can make affordable payments that fit on your budget over a span of 24 to 36 months. Best of all, you get to use it in that time! No more waiting while your bank account dwindles — you can enjoy the extra space as soon as the first low monthly payment is made.
  • Convenience: Many people are shackled by no or bad credit, leaving them unable to make quality purchases without incurring heavy interest fees. Most rent to own sheds, however, don’t require a credit check; your history is your own — as long as you make those monthly payments, nobody is going to ask (or care) about your financial background.
  • Low-risk: Many banks and financial institutions put a rule on early payoffs, prohibiting those who chose a certain timeline from veering off the planned course. Most rent to own shed companies do not follow this rule: if you suddenly come into some cash while you’re renting your shed, there are no penalties involved in paying it off early! You’re not locked into to a month by month lease agreement, so you have the power to pay in any way you’d like without fear of retribution.

Rent to own sheds offer homeowners an elegant, yet affordable way to store their extra items.

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