Why You Should Consider a Rent to Own Shed

If you want more storage space for your home or business, consider your space needs and how to get a new shed. According to urbansheds.com, when buying a new shed, it’s vital that you figure out your space needs and include an extra 25% for future needs. But sheds can be costly; what are the options? You can buy a shed and pay the full amount, you can rent one, but perhaps the best option, if you don’t have the entire sum needed is rent-to-own. This option is better than renting because you get to keep the shed at the end of the contract with your shed renting company. So why else should you consider rent to own sheds?


If you don’t have the cash to splurge on a high-quality shed, you can opt for the rent-to-own option. This option allows you to make small payments within your budget over one or two years. Best of all, you can use the shed as you pay for it.


Rent to own sheds are usually pre-built, unlike when you place an order for one. So you won’t have to wait for the shed to be built; you can get it immediately.


Most people are bound by bad or no credit, meaning they can’t buy anything without incurring massive interest charges. But, rent to own sheds doesn’t attract huge interest charges even if you have bad or no credit. The company facilitating your purchase won’t ask for your financial background, and as long as your monthly payments are prompt, no problems.

Tax Deduction

Purchasing a shed via the rent-to-own option means you’re entitled to tax deductions. How? You can claim your monthly payments as business expenses.

Trade-Up Program

It’s not that hard to underestimate your storage needs, and sometimes when you buy a shed, you might wish you had gotten a larger one. With rent to own sheds, you can call the facilitating company and request a larger shed at any time. The equity you had invested in the smaller shed will be applied to the newer and larger shed.

Expanding the storage space at home or business has never been easier than getting rent to own sheds. So if you’re out of storage space at home or in your business, contact us today.