Why You Need an Outdoor Bar

Most Americans spend up to 90% of their time inside, according to USA Today. A backyard bar is the perfect way to get your family outside and spend some time with friends. If you’re looking to host a party or event this fall but don’t want something complicated or difficult, then you may want a handcrafted outdoor bar. Here’s why you need one!

Outdoor Events Are the Lifeblood of any Neighborhood

First thing’s first: your guests will thank you for having an outdoor bar at your party or event. It’s the perfect opportunity to get your neighborhood to “mix” and connect with your friends and neighbors in a casual environment. If you’re hosting a block party or an annual fall festival, you can feature your beer and wine, but for a more personalized party, bring the cocktails and consider hosting an impromptu shindig in the backyard. If you have young children, you can also consider bringing the kids to the party and having them decorate cupcakes or serve virgin margaritas in reusable cups.

No More Boring Parties

Having an outdoor bar is a great opportunity to feed the thirst of your guests and create a more enjoyable experience for all. You could serve house-made juices and smoothies or have guests provide their own juices and appetizers, all around your custom, handcrafted outdoor bar. You can also keep it simple and offer your guests ice-cold carbonated drinks.

You’ll Be Able to Serve Your Guests Alcohol

You might have cocktails and wine at your home, but what about the beer, ciders, and other beverages that your guests may want to drink? You can serve those too, but serving beer in a margarita glass will make your guests feel special. If you want to switch up the presentation a bit, serve your guests a dry-aged steak or pork chops in a glass dish. Your guests will be thankful they had the chance to savor such delicacies after spending time outside.

The outdoor wooden bar is the perfect way to add a little rustic charm to your backyard. It’s designed to match your house perfectly and will provide years of fun and enjoyment. So why wait? Get in touch with Amish Mike today and start enjoying your new outdoor bar!