What Size Garage Is Right for My Home?

When it comes to home upgrades, smaller independent businesses are often your best bet. According to GO BankingRates, over 50% of Americans choose to shop small because of the customer service they receive. An Amish garage is made of quality wood and is detached from the home. Wood is a sustainable and eco-friendly option, making it beneficial for many homeowners. If you’re making this upgrade, you need to choose the ideal garage size for your home. Here are some things to consider.

Available Landscape

How much land do you have available on your property? It’s best to avoid having an Amish garage that’s so large it takes up as much space as your home, unless you have an entire fleet of vehicles. If you want to do other things with your landscape, like plant a rose garden or add more trees, carefully consider the size of any new construction.

Your Vehicles

The main purpose of a garage is to protect your vehicles. Think about the number of vehicles you have and how large they are. A standard garage can hold more vehicles than two large SUVs or trucks. Consider if you plan on trading your existing small vehicle for a larger one soon. Also, think about whether you want guests to park in your garage.


Many people use their garage for more than car storage. After all, a garage can store smaller items like bicycles, equipment, paint, and even storage boxes. Many people enhance their garages with built-in shelves and work tables. If your garage also doubles as your workshop, you need space to move around. You should also consider the future usage of your garage. Do you have plans to convert your garage into a home office, a separate Airbnb rental, or a workout room? If you plan to multitask in your garage, it’s easier to start with a large one than to add to it later.

Local Restrictions

Even if you own the land you’re on, you still need city approval to build various structures. Therefore, before you enlist your garage contractor, make sure you can legally build the type of garage you want in that space. While it might be perfectly fine to build the garage from scratch, there may be size restrictions.

As you can see, building an Amish garage comes with several considerations. When the job is done, you’ll have a beautiful custom structure on your property, but make sure you choose the right size. Pay attention to the size of your vehicles, how you plan to use your garage, and any applicable local restrictions. Contact Amish Mike today so we can get started on your custom wooden garage.