What Outdoor Structures Can I Use in Landscaping Design?


If you’re looking to take your landscaping design to another level, there are several garden structures you can incorporate. Keep reading to find out which outdoor structures can improve the aesthetic appeal and overall functionality of your yards.


Gazebos are designed to be beautiful centerpieces of your yard. The good news is, they come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, so you can be sure there’s a design that perfectly complements your home. Gazebos are not just eye candy for your yard but can increase your yard’s functionality as well.

For instance, gazebos are great for family gatherings, or you can use them as your relaxation spot whether you want to sip on some wine or read a book with nature close by. A gazebo is also a great play-time spot for kids as it provides shade in summer and shelter when it’s raining.


Walkways allow you to create beautiful trails around your yard that lead to common areas while also increasing your home’s curb appeal. For instance, you can have walkways that lead to other outdoor structures like the gazebo or the shed. You can even have a walkway that leads to your front door.


Patios are the quintessential outdoor structures for some backyard relaxation. Adding a new patio expands your living space, especially in summer where outdoor entertaining is the norm. It’s a place where you can relax alone or with family and friends, so be sure you choose a patio design that suits your home, style, and preferences well.

You can start by considering factors such as the shape and size, as well as the materials used. In any case, if you have your patio or any other structure built by a professional, they can help you choose the best option for you.


If you want to improve your landscaping design, a shed is the best outdoor structure to have. It’s the ideal storage solution where you can store all your landscaping equipment and tools so they’re not scattered all over the yard. It’s important to build the shed in a location where it’s easily accessible, so you can get to stuff easily when you need it.

Remember to only work with an expert who can build a strong and sturdy shed that lasts you a long time. Generally, a wooden shed should hold up for between 15 to 20 years minimum, so be sure your shed is constructed from quality material.