What Makes Amish-Built Furniture Environmentally Friendly?

Amish wooden furniture is known for its longevity, beauty, and durability. Did you know that it’s also an environmentally friendly choice? According to Knock On Wood Furniture, Amish wooden furniture is not only a great choice for your home style but also a good choice for the environment. Here is what makes Amish wood furniture an environmentally friendly choice.

Solid Wood

According to the Department of Conservation, solid wood is an environmentally sustainable building resource. The Amish use genuine, solid wood to craft furniture, not wood products like plywood or particle board. It is American-grown-local wood, which means the environmental costs of importing and processing the wood are mitigated. The fact that Amish furniture is known for its longevity points to the fact that it has to be replaced less, which, of course, decreases the use of natural resources.

Hand Tools

True Amish-built furniture is not built with powered machinery, it is built with hand tools. Sweat equity is the only fuel that is needed to create Amish furniture. We all must do our part regarding energy conservation and treating the environment well. Purchasing Amish furniture is a simple way to do your part.

Only Natural Fasteners

Amish furniture is not reliant on screws and nails to fasten the furniture. Dovetail joints and other joints are used to join the furniture together. Not using screws and nails is a boost for the environment. Nails and screws come from mined raw materials and are manufactured in factories. Both activities generate immense amounts of pollution. Cutting out using nails and screws to craft Amish furniture is kinder to the environment.

Amish builders never import wood from anywhere; they always use locally grown and sourced wood. They only use low-VOC varnishes. The Amish as a people were environmentally conscious furniture makers long before the recent movement to use sustainable materials began. They build furniture the way it has been built in their culture for hundreds of years. Now they are part of the trend to create furniture with a conscience.

If you want furniture made with a sustainable approach that has an amazing aesthetic, Amish wooden furniture fits the bill nicely. Learn more about furniture options using Amish building techniques and how they can help the environment.