What Kind of Wood Furniture Works Best in a Small Living Room?


Wood furniture provides a certain beauty and charm that you can’t get from other materials. Solid wood is also known to be more environmentally friendly and sustainable than other materials like steel, according to WoodWoodLand. When you’re choosing wood pieces, however, you should consider your space to ensure that you are choosing pieces that work well with the space. When you have a small space to work with, this is especially important. Here are some tips on how to choose wood furniture for your small living spaces.

Choose Lighter and Brighter

Darker pieces will absorb light and make your space seem even smaller. Even when choosing solid wood pieces like solid wood accent tables, make sure you’re choosing lighter finishes or light-painted pieces. This can help to brighten the space and make it seem bigger.

Avoid Textured Pieces

The size of the furnishings won’t be the only thing to consider. You will also want to consider the composition of the piece. If you want a space to seem larger, you should avoid pieces that are heavily textured. The textures in furniture and fabrics reduce the reflection of light in small rooms. This creates the illusion of a smaller space.

Consider the Usability

You will also want to consider the usability of solid wood accent tables and other wooden pieces when you’re furnishing a small living space. When you are short on space, you want every piece to serve a practical purpose. For instance, if you want a coffee table in the space, consider using a storage ottoman as a coffee table.

Remember Less Is More

When it comes to home decorating, it’s important to remember that you don’t need a lot to accomplish a lot. There is often the temptation to fill in every space with something. This isn’t always the best option, though. It’s better to leave a few empty spaces available instead. This gives the space room to breathe. You can fill your space without cluttering it. Small spaces are more susceptible to clutter. Focus more on how the room makes you feel rather than on the idea that you must have certain pieces of furniture in it.

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