The Mule for Shed Delivery


Mike McCort: Back in 1978, Mom and Dad started the business and we took over the business about 8 years ago and we changed things around just a little bit and started Amish Mike and we have quickly become the largest display of outdoor living products in New Jersey.

So it started off pretty simple selling sheds. There was just a few basic models of a variety of sizes but they have certainly changed over time. People use them for storage, extra stuff they don’t have room for, even turning them into garages to put their cars in. Turning them into outdoor offices, man caves or she sheds, whatever it might be. So over time, not only have the sheds changed a lot but also the equipment that we use to deliver it has changed a lot.

One machine that has come out recently is called a mule. When we tell our customers that we have a mule, they kind of give us a funny look of what it is, but we have decided to show people what it can do. What it can do is take the shed right off the trailer which is usually left in the street, it is almost like a fork lift, bob cat like machine but with wheels and we can either pull or push the building into its place and spin it on the wheels because of the mule harness that we have.

So some of the benefits for the customer are if a customer has concerns about their property, whether its their grass or going around a flower garden or a tree they don’t want to take down or even a pool or even going over their septic. Sometimes people are very worried about the weight of the equipment used now and the weight of the building going over their septic. What this allows us to do is simply show up with your shed and instead of going into your yard with some of the other type of larger equipment . I think the customer is relieved when they see that there is no large equipment backing up onto their property or a truck or a trailer. I think they have this idea that this monster truck is going to show up with this huge trailer and we aren’t going to be able to do certain things and they get very worried about it. Because of our delivery equipment and things like the mule, all those worries are gone. I think the number one worry is is the shed begin enough, will I have enough time today to fill it up.

Customer: I’ll be honest, I saw my neighbors when they brought in a truck and it ripped up the grass. This mule is great, grass is intact, no issues and I don’t see any problems, I don’t have to reseed or resod, it was great.

Mike: There is absolutely no extra charge for that service. We want the whole experience to be a 100% satisfaction and we appreciate your property and that you came to us to earn your business. Fill your house with love and laughter. Put everything else in an Amish Mike shed.