Tips For Planning a Spring Garden Party

After a long, dreary winter, everyone is itching to get outside and enjoy some much-needed sunshine. Celebrate Spring with your loved-ones by throwing a gorgeous outdoor party filled with food and fun. Make the most of your garden party by considering these tips.

The Invite

Spring is a season full of parties and weddings, so send out invites early if you want over-booked friends to make an appearance. Consider handmade invitations or use a printing company. If paper invites are out of your budget, there are plenty of trendy e-vite options available.

The Setting

If you’re throwing this bash in your own yard, make sure everything is in good shape. Mow the lawn, hose down your patio, and store garden tools and other paraphernalia in the shed or garage out of sight. Make sure you have room for furniture for your guests to sit or eat at. If you’re purchasing furniture for this party, consider handmade wooden furniture that will last for years of garden soirees to come! One survey states that 67% of respondents think a lot can be said about a person from the furniture she owns, so make sure you’re making thoughtful choices that reflect your personality. Think unique patio chairs, quirky but quality tables, and beautifully designed pergolas for your yard.

The Layout

When planning where everything will go, think about how you want your guests to mingle. Will this be a sit-down meal or are you serving food cocktail party style? Do you want assigned seating, or would a family-style farm table be a better dinner setting? Consider having spaces to sit and relax both in the sun and in the shade. Pergolas are a great option for sunny outdoor parties to create a separate space that can provide shade to over-sunned guests.

The Decor

Decide if you’d like to keep things simple and rustic or take the bold and colorful route for your party. Try using burlap for your tablecloths for a more earthy farmhouse feel, or mix patterned fabrics for a fun and quirky style. And no matter what direction your decor takes, there is always room for loads of flowers at any garden party. Add them to your tablescapes with fresh bouquets or floral-patterned napkins, or trim your pergolas with floral garlands.

The Food

If you’re cooking, it’s best to keep the menu simple and full of seasonal ingredients to keep the budget in check and the hosts stress-free. If cooking isn’t your forte, catering is a great option for any party. If you’ve opted for a sit-down meal, consider having guests serve themselves buffet-style to keep your soiree from feeling too stuffy. You might also consider keeping the party cocktail-style and have food served throughout the duration of the event. Remember to have plenty of desserts ready, and don’t forget to plan a drink menu! Try seasonal cocktails flavors like lavender and mint.

Whether you’re throwing a laidback barbecue or a swank cocktail hour, garden parties are the perfect way to celebrate warmer weather. With proper planning and good taste, you can throw a party your friends will be talking about until next spring!