Three Storage Upgrades for Your Backyard Farm

shed-with-chicken-coop-300x190  If you have any number of farm animals, chances are you need some basic farm equipment, and somewhere to store all those tools. However, unorganized storage can quickly turn your farming dreams into home-grown nightmares. Proper storage is essential not only to keeping chores and projects running efficiently but also to keep your tools in good condition. Here are some storage solutions that can keep your small family farm clean, neat and happy:

Smart Storage Sheds:

The first step for crafting a well-organized backyard farm is finding a place to store tools, feed, and other necessities. While there are many clever buildings available for sheltering animals, backyard pet and livestock shelters sometimes lack storage features. Some chicken coops, for example, allow hens their own nesting boxes but lack basic storage capabilities. Chicken feed, gloves, shovels, and other tools needed for keeping your cluckers clucking have to be stored elsewhere. Consider buying a shed with chicken coop features attached on the side. Attached storage sheds can also be found for different styles of greenhouses, stables, and even dog kennels. Make sure your builder has options like a shed with chicken coop features or a shed with horse stables so you can find the storage system that works best for you. 

DIY Storage Ideas:

Once you have a building or room designated to storage, there are hundreds of storage solutions you can employ for keeping tools neat and clean within your shed or closet. You can always buy custom shelves or storage bins, but often you can make your own storage furniture at home. Look around your backyard for items that might lend themselves to crafty storage projects, like an old crate or pallet. Crates can be laid on their sides and nailed together to create a deep, stand-alone shelf, for example. Lots of DIY-ers have also used pallets attached to walls as unique storage for rakes, shovels, hoes and other garden tools.

Keeping Things Clean:

Garden hoses are only so much help when you have a whole backyard of plants and animals that need to be watered and cleaned. Even if your hose reaches all the places you need it, don’t underestimate the many uses of a backyard sink. From washing out tubs and pots to cleaning gloves and boots, an outdoor sink area can small items much cleaner. Consider adding an outdoor drain, too, so that when you do use the hose, the water disappears into your septic rather than puddling and muddying your yard. 

Working to keep your mini farm neat and tidy will help everyone enjoy the farm experience. After all, 67% of respondents agree that “a lot can be said about a person from the furniture s/he owns.” Including smart storage buildings and furniture in your backyard, like a shed with chicken coop features or an outdoor farm sink, will tell your farm visitors that you’ve got a little slice of country paradise in your backyard, and not a manured mess!