Three Reasons to Buy a Cedar Shed for Your Storage Needs

cedar-sheds  Buying a storage shed is a decision made by most homeowners sooner or later. The growing needs of a family tend to outgrow the space of your house and garage in a very short amount of time, so a shed becomes an affordable and viable storage option. But with the number of options on the market, choosing the type of shed for your storage needs can be tricky. A wooden shed should last 15 or more years, but depending on your climate and the environment, certain types of wood won’t hold up as well as others.

Cedar sheds, however, are generally a good choice regardless of the type of weather or environment it will be facing. Besides being an attractive type of wood, cedar has a host of natural benefits that make it the ideal choice for outdoor sheds. Let’s examine three of those benefits that will help you decide what kind of shed to purchase for your needs.

Cedar Wood is Extremely Durable

Cedar is what is called a hardwood, which, like the name implies, means that the wood itself is very hard and doesn’t splinter or break easily. Pine, in comparison, is a softwood, meaning that the wood is much easier to break and is more susceptible to breakage over the years. Pine tends to run on the cheaper side, which is fine for a quick fix, but cedar’s resilience against the effects of weather and age make it a much better investment in the long run.

Natural Oils Repel Insects

The biggest enemy of wooden sheds is the ever=present insect. Termites have nothing better to do than chew wood all day long, and unfortunately, that can mean they munch on your shed until the damage is irreversible. Cedar sheds have a natural advantage over other types of wooden sheds- the natural oils in the wood help repel insects. No insects mean no damage to your shed, giving you an even longer life expectancy for your shed.

Resistant to Decay

Whether you bought your shed hot out of the factory or built it yourself with an Amish shed kit, those same natural oils in cedar that repel insects also make the wood decay-resistant. It doesn’t take much for wood rot to spread like wildfire. Fortunately, cedar sheds have a natural immunity to rot, meaning you’ll be able to store your belongings with confidence, knowing that your shed will last you years before you have to consider replacing it.

Cedar sheds have long been a favorite of homeowners across the United States. Because of their durability and natural repellants against pests and rot, the sturdy wood makes an excellent shed, perfect for storing extra gardening equipment, bicycles, seasonal decorations, and so much more.