Three Creative DIY Storage Projects for Your Garden Shed

Most homeowners start spending more time in their garden sheds in the springtime, either for gardening or to spring clean and organize. There are a number of different storage and organization ideas for sheds and garages, but here are a few of the most creative and fun that you can do yourself.

Crate Cabinets
One of the best ways to make the most of the space in a shed is to use as much vertical space as you can, so the installation of shelves and cabinets is a pretty popular way to organize a shed. A better way, that you can do yourself, is to stack a number of wooden crates on their sides to create storage spaces. Amish furniture and sheds are known to be made 100% from wood, so using wooden crates will match the structure and look built-in, but have the advantage of being movable for your needs.

Under-the-Shelf Jars
When it comes to storing things like seeds, plant tags, and other small items, jars are a really easy way to keep them safe, dry, and organized. Since you’re going to need to use your garden shed table as a work space and need to maximize storage space, it’s best to install those jars along the underside of a shelf. How? Nail the lid of the jar to the bottom of the shelf, which leaves it free to be screwed in and unscrewed when you need the jar’s contents.

A Sand Filled Trough
Most people (77%) who own garden sheds say that they use it to store tools. Since you’re going to need access to your tools pretty often, you’ll need them to be in an area you can easily reach. Get a small trough and fill it most of the way with sand. Mix in a bit of motor oil, and stick all of the tools you’ll need just in the sand. The motor oil will help keep them from rusting and the sand will keep them looking clean.

Do you have any other cool tips for storing things in garden or corner sheds? Feel free to share them with us in the comments section below!