Summer In Style: 3 Features To Include In Your Backyard

Summer is a time for outdoor escapades: if you aren’t outside, you ought to be! From simple backyard barbecues to neighborhood gatherings that continue long after the sun goes down, you will be spending the majority of your time outside, in your own backyard. Whether you prefer to sit and sunbathe or are a host for the ages, here are three features you’re going to want to include in your outdoor haven. 

  • Adirondack Chairs: Named after the nation’s largest protected park, the spacious and sturdy chairs are as functional as they are comfortable. Offering enough space to hold entire plates of food and multiple beverages, these chairs are perfect for outdoor occasions. It is worth investing in quality, as a good handmade Adirondack chair can last for a decade or more. Amish furniture in particular is a worthwhile investment, as you can choose from oak, cherry, hickory, walnut, or maple wood to achieve the desired look without sacrificing craftsmanship. Handmade Adirondack chairs can transform your backyard into a wooded wonderland reminiscent of the park for which they’re named, all the while providing comfort and a beautiful aesthetic.
  • Fire Pit: What is the summer for if not roasting hot-dogs and s’mores over a crackling fire? You don’t just want to chuck a pile of wood onto your grass and light it on fire — that’s as dangerous as it is unsightly (and can damage your lawn for years). Investing in a high quality fire pit can make your yard the place to be on a balmy summer night. People can chat and drink around a fire that is as beautiful as it is useful.
  • Pergola: Pergolas are wooden structures, usually with crosshatched roofs, that supply a perfect balance of sun and shade to the area below. Custom pergolas can be ordered to meet your exact requirements — if you’re trying to cover a dining or sitting area, you want to make sure no seat will be left exposed to the sun. They provide a beautiful alternative to cloth patio umbrellas without sacrificing natural light.

No matter what your summer plans are this summer, you are sure to find yourself outside. Make your time as comfortable and aesthetically pleasing as it can be with these three backyard features.