3/4″ Crushed stone, 3 to 5 inches deep is recommended to evenly support your building. The stone provides a level base for the structure and absorbs splattering caused by rain runoff. Buildings come with pressure treated foundation beams and floor joists. The driver will be sure the building is situated properly on your pad, making sure all doors and windows work properly. Our drivers carry jacks and can make some minor adjustments for an unlevel site.

Crushed Stone Pad with 4×4’s


Crushed Stone Pad without 4×4’s


NOTE: Leveling of the building, not the site is INCLUDED with our professional delivery.

Preparing The Site Yourself

All we can ask is that you provide a firm, flat, and level area. We prefer that you prepare the area yourself, or we can suggest someone for you. We recommend pre-grading before installing the stone. Then rake the stone while checking it with a long straight edge and level. Extend the stone one-foot. A level gravel foundation is worth every minute and every penny spent!!


How Do I Know If I Can Have My Order Delivered In One Piece?
  • We will always do a site check (local only) once an order is written with a deposit or schedule a home consultation.
  • Bring or send us pictures! Our experienced staff can usually tell with pictures if the site is accessible by truck and trailer.
Things We Ask You To Consider
  • Fences – If you have a fence up, a portion must be temporarily taken out, providing us with access to the yard. The gap/gate in the fence must be 1ft larger then the sheds width. Most fences are removable; this must be done before delivery.
    *We do not take down or put up fences *Most buildings are available in kit form.
  • Width – Most sheds need at least 1-2 feet of clearance. Ex: *Quaker, Carriage, and Cape need 2 feet because of larger overhangs.
  • Height – Most sheds need a 12-foot clearance. Most small branches and wires can be either pushed or tied back.
  • We will never deliver a shed if your yard is wet/soft, please always feel free to call and reschedule in this case.
  • Most deliveries are finished within a half hour to an hour.
  • Please understand that we are on a time schedule and will probably have many other deliveries to make that day. Thank you for your consideration in this area.
Sample Delivery

Doors on passenger’s side backing in from the right. Structure can be turned 90° for final positioning once off trailer.