Traditional Series Amish Sheds

Our Traditional Series sheds provide a solution for all of your storage needs. The Traditional Series sheds is the most economical choice for your shed using top grade lumber, T-1-11 siding, and our Traditional trim package and hardware.

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Deluxe Series Amish Sheds

Our Deluxe series is a customer designed shed. It is a popular trim package that is a combination of a traditional and new england series. It features a 1 x 4 miratec corner, your choice of 1 x 4 window trim or shutters, accented doors with a 10″ hinge.

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New England Series Amish Sheds

Amish Mike’s New England Series sheds, built using the same base structure as the Premium Quality Traditional Shed series, adds an enhanced look to your shed using deluxe trim on the corners, windows and doors; deluxe doors with 10” antique hinges; larger windows; and larger roof overhangs on the gables and eaves with 1” x […]

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Classic Series Amish Sheds

Our most unique series with endless options. You have your choice of arch trim or transom windows in your doors. All doors come with 10″ hardware and there are many different door designs. There are many different window designs and sizes. The overhangs are larger and are enclosed giving it a more desired looked. All […]

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Heritage Series Amish Sheds

The old country look and style that you desire! The heritage series features many more different type of wood finishes then our common shed series. We feature board-n-batten, log cabin, cedar, cypress, pine and more of a rustic looking shed in this line. While most shed models are available in this series we also offer,1 […]

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