Shears & Other Garden Equipment Used in String of Burglaries

gardenequipment-240x300  As important as it is to pick out the right shed, it’s just as important to think about proper security features. Gone are the days of leaving garages and sheds opened, let alone the doors and windows to your house unlocked. What used to be a somewhat common practice for many small town families has become another memory of ‘the good ‘ol days.’

Law enforcement officials of Aspendale, a small Australian town, remind us of this fact as they are urging for more security precautions from local residents after multiple reports of burglaries involving stolen garden equipment from nearby yards and wooden sheds, according to the local news outlet

Moorabbin Police Sergeant, Leo Raso, spoke to the community newspaper about the importance of securing your belongings after garden equipment was used to gain entry in a string of local burglaries the past month.

“They’ll use what they can find so that they aren’t seen wandering the streets with tools,” Raso said.

Just like you should buy a shed 25% bigger than what you currently need size-wise, it should be common knowledge to put a reliable lock on it too. It’s worth it to spend the money on a good system since most sheds last between 15 and 20 years and sheds that are 100% handmade, like Amish-made ones, can be especially durable.

In one of the incidents on September 9, a 63-year-old woman called the cops after she got home and realized someone had broken in. They didn’t find the intruder on the premises, but they did find evidence that garden equipment was used to break into the house.

The day after that police responded to a similar call where the burglar had taken shears from a nearby garden shed to gain access through the homes french doors.

Always remember to put away all tools and equipment after you’re done working for the day as they can not only create safety risks laying around, but also a means for criminal activity you might not think about.