Retailers Use Amish Sheds for Unique Self-Storage Business


We’ve outlined the many different ways you can use an Amish shed before, but add Sandy and Larry Field to the list of innovative thinkers who have come up with another one. The Fields own Sandy’s Place, a shop that sells Amish sheds and furniture in Scio, New York. They’ve sold the products for years, but recently started a second business venture utilizing the same kind of Amish sheds they sell as self-storage units, according to the industry news source

The sheds will be in the back part of the property of Sandy’s Place, but it will technically be a separate business entity they’re calling Field Mini Storage.

“The sheds are all wooden, brand new and constructed by the Amish,” Sandy said. “You won’t see any daylight coming through them. They are very secure and well-built. They even have venting.”

They are starting with 10 wooden sheds of various sizes available for private storage. The units range from 8X8 to 10X16 feet in size, but they are currently waiting for more sheds of even bigger size from their supplier. Generally, it’s best to buy sheds that are 25% bigger than what you currently need to account for future needs. Since customer needs will vary, they’re going to need options.

Aside from innovative thinking, two factors led to their decision to open a second business. The first was Larry’s looming retirement. They wanted something else to do that would be relatively easy and wouldn’t require a lot of day-to-day maintenance. Typically, wooden sheds last for 15 to 20 years and the Amish are known for high-quality products. The second was the supply to demand ratio for self-storage services in the area.

“We inquired around and found that most of the places with units are already filled, so we thought it would be a good business to get into,” Sandy said.

Acquiring the 100% handmade Amish sheds was probably the easiest part of the process since they had an established relationship with their supplier at wholesale prices.
Although some might question the security of custom sheds made from wood, the units will be monitored 24/7 with motion sensor cameras. They are green with a black trim and located down a gravel road in the back.

It’s unclear how much they’ll charge for individual units, but a report from the local news source,, says they will offer a $5 discount per month to customers that sign up for a three-month contract.