Protect Your Amish Shed From Deluge and Downpour


It is an understatement to say that 2017 has been a rainy year. In fact, it has consistently broken records across in many places across the country. And while the deluge might be a nice change of pace from the drought experience in the most recent few summers, many homeowners are concerned about the risk of rain damage.

One thing that is frequently overlooked when it comes to rain damage are sheds, particularly wooden or Amish sheds. While these ultra convenient storage solutions are plenty sturdy, the above average rain has warranted extra steps be taken to prevent damage.

In this post, we outline three great techniques that you can incorporate to help prevent water damage to wood or Amish sheds.

  1. Raise the Floor – The first thing you should do is to get your shed up off of the ground. Even elevating your sheds floor by a few inches can help reduce the chance of water damage. It prevents water from seeping up from the ground and ruining your sheds floor.
  2. Apply Treatment – Both Amish furniture and their sheds are typically made from one of five type of wood: oak, cherry, hickory, walnut, or maple. And while wood is a very attractive feature, it is also one of the materials that is most susceptible to water damage. Fortunately, there are quite a few products you can purchase to treat the wood and help protect it against water damage.

    Simply visit your nearest hardware store to purchase the treatment and apply it to your shed. Take care to note if it can be applied over paint, as not all products can be used in exactly the same way.
  3. Water Proof the Roof – Many wood storage sheds will also have wood roofs. You can take any number of measures to waterproof the rest of the shed, but if you don’t take care to properly seal and protect the roof, then you can expect your items to get wet.

    Replacing the roof with fiberglass or metal can be effective, but it also greatly reduces the aesthetic for your wood or Amish shed. A good compromise is to add the metal or fiberglass to the inside of the roof, getting the best in protection without damaging the appearance of your shed.

Chances are, you are well aware of just how wet this year has been. But now, hopefully, you are aware of the importance of protecting your shed from the damages of the elements.