Our pool houses are taken from our shed series and we can add almost any option to your building making it your pool house. We can deliver your pool house in 1 piece or build them on site. You can easily turn 1 of our buildings into a pool house, cabana, outdoor bar, changing room, screen house or just using it for simple storage.

We do have certain buildings we refer to as a pool house, like our Victorian or Elite. These pool houses feature larger eave overhangs with or without a porch. These pool houses also feature round columns, larger windows, dormers, glass doors. We can take these pool house and or any other building and design it to your details and specifications. You can pick your windows, doors, siding and add many custom options to your pool house. You can design your pool house with a porch, then allow for a serving counter for a outdoor bar theme or add screens to the porch. You can take the windows and upgrade them to a serving window allowing you to use the inside of your pool house act as storage when needed and then allowing you to entertain family and friends.

Lots of different door designs with or without glass are used. Larger windows in a wide range of sizes are available. While vinyl siding seems to be the most popular material used, we can also offer stone, cedar shake, vinyl impressions and more on your pool house. Need a certain part of the pool house closed off for a changing room or storage, it can done. We offer many of our pool house features and designs in our New England and classic series.