Amish Mike features the largest outdoor display exhibiting full lines of handmade outdoor furniture. Most of the Amish-made outdoor furniture is made in pressure treated or in maintenance-free poly. While we do offer four custom finishes on our wood line, there is a much larger selection of poly colors. Our outdoor furniture can withstand even the worse of weather. The highest quality of each component is used in every product. Our wide range of outdoor furniture includes:

Adirondack-Chairs-300x225  Accessories-Button  Arbors-300x225  22-Balloons-label-300x225   

Barstools-Pub-Sets-300x225  Benches-300x225  Birdfeeders-300x225  Birdhouses-300x225   

Bridges-300x225  Chairs-Footstools-300x225  Chimes-300x225  Coffee-Tables-300x225

Concrete-Statues-Button  Dining-Chairs-300x225  Garden-Decor-Button  22-Tables-label-3   

Gliders-300x225  Fire-Pits-Button  Lanterns-300x225  Lighthouses-300x225

Lounge-Collections-Button  Mailboxes-Posts-300x225  Outhouses-300x225  Outdoor-Rugs-Button

Picnic-Benches-300x225  Planters-300x225  Rockers-300x225  Settee-Button   

Silhouettes-300x225  Swings-300x225  Wagons-300x225  Wells-Windmills-300x225