Amish Mike’s Nantucket Series sheds, built using the same base structure as the Premium Quality Traditional Shed series, adds an enhanced look to your shed using deluxe trim on the corners, windows and doors; deluxe doors with 10” antique hinges; larger windows; and larger roof overhang on the gables and eaves with 1” x 6” fascia boards. Vinyl or Lapp siding are also available on Nantucket Series sheds; and, when ordering a shed, the customer has the choice of shed, trim, door and shingle color – see our color boards for paint colors. View Color Boards

As with our Traditional Series sheds, the floors are built with pressure-treated 4×4 skids, 2×4 floor joists 16” on-center, and 5/8” exterior grade plywood. The walls and roofs are framed with grade “A” 2×4 studs 16” on-center. The roof rafters are covered with 1/2” plywood sheathing and GAF shingles. Heat shield is also available on the plywood roof sheathing. Nantucket sheds have 1”x6” Miratec fascia boards with 12” overhangs. Customers have the choice of transom windows in their doors or arch trim.

Most Nantucket sheds include 24”x36” windows with a choice of shutters or trim on the windows. The deluxe doors can be painted a separate color from the shed. The Nantucket Series comes with unique built-in upgraded features such as GAF shingles, vented soffit, and classic vents.

Amish Mike offers only 3 models in the Nantucket Series trim package; the Cape Cod, the Quaker, and the Cottage