What Makes Amish Furniture So Superior?

woodenoutdoorfurniture-300x145  It’s rare that a simple lawsuit in one state can affect drastic changes across the entire U.S., but that’s exactly what has happened — and is expected to continue — since California Governor Jerry Brown signed Senate Bill 1019, which requires that furniture manufacturers, when selling their products in California, identify and label pieces that contain added flame-retardant chemicals.

The movement to include flame-retardant chemicals started in the 1970s, along with a variety of other furniture-related safety issues, and although the end result is ideal (offering extra protection against flame and smoke damage certainly doesn’t seem bad), studies have shown that these chemicals are huge health risks. Some studies have linked the chemicals to an increased chance of cancer, while other studies have noted lower IQs in children that have had long-term exposure to chemicals, and more studies show that these chemicals are far from being environmentally-friendly.

Now that California is requiring furniture manufacturers and distributors to provide customers with more transparency, people across the country are realizing that they don’t really know what materials and chemicals have gone into creating their furniture. Industry experts are already predicting that more states will follow California’s lead, in order to accommodate consumer demands. And furniture companies are already starting to worry about what will happen if their state decides to require more transparency in the furniture industry.

And that’s exactly where Amish furniture stores will come into play. Many Americans are already very familiar with the Amish tradition of making high-quality indoor and wooden outdoor furniture; even though Amish communities are mostly located in states along the Northeast coast and in the Midwest, the traditions behind these distinct communities have become essential in the larger American culture.

People already know that many Amish crafters create their pieces without electricity, just like their ancestors did, and that they use only the highest quality wood and metal materials. Everything from kitchen chairs to custom sheds are created with the same attention to detail in an Amish furniture workshop, and these crafters have been known as indoor and outdoor furniture specialists for well over a century.

Quite simply, the all-natural quality is already there whenever you buy a piece of Amish-built wooden outdoor furniture. The transparency regarding techniques and materials is already there. And when bigger companies have to change their business models to offer quality and transparency, the Amish furniture community will keep doin’ what it’s doin’.