Make an Architectural Statement to Your Garden With a Cupola


If you are looking for ways to add more curb appeal to your home, why not throw in a cupola? You can order and add a custom-built cupola for your shed, gazebo, or garden structure. That is also one easy and impressive way of making an architectural statement. Let’s look into how cupolas can improve your curb appeal.

Cupolas Add Value

Adding a cupola to your shed, gazebo, or garden structure is a clever way to improve your curb appeal and grab your neighbor’s attention. Cupolas have been making a strong comeback for a while now. This small feature will give you a lot of options to showcase your style and personality. All you need is to contact the Amish outdoor furniture specialists and have them craft one for you that suits your needs.

Size Matters

You can order a prefabricated cupola from us. Our cupolas come in many styles, shapes, and sizes. One of the most important features you will want to consider is size. Sizing a cupola can be difficult, but fortunately, you can consult us for the best recommendations. As outdoor furniture specialists, we will have the best advice for you. Once you get the size right, the results will be more than impressive, and you will have a beautiful result. Generally, you will want to choose your cupola size based on the width of the roof it’s going to sit on. Therefore, you must first measure the roof of your gazebo, shed, or garden structure.

Top Your Cupola With Style

Once you get your cupola, you can top it with custom weather vanes, spires, and finials. The majority of these are made using aluminum. Typically, you will want to have them installed on a rod welded onto the cupola. To get the most out of your cupola, it is best to have it custom-made by experienced Amish outdoor furniture specialists who will know how to craft a beautiful and historically accurate one.

Are you ready to beautify your shed with a cupola? Don’t hesitate to contact Amish Mike for your cupolas and high-quality Amish-built sheds. You can also get one on a ‘Rent to Own Program’ that allows you to make low monthly payments with the shed already on your property. We won’t do a credit check, and there is no penalty for early payoff.