Law Passed Against Reprehensible Living Conditions For Californian Chickens

chicken-coop-300x200 In one survey, over 92% of respondents said they planned on keeping their wood furniture for at least 15 years. These are the voices of humans. Animals don’t have the luxury of responding to surveys, let alone decrying their living conditions, so they need our help in doing so. Which is exactly what California just did for its vast chicken population.

Crying fowl against the egg industry in California, voters passed legislation that will require all the eggs sold in the state to be from cage-free chickens by 2022. This builds on a law passed in 2008 that stopped hens and other livestock from being kept in chicken coops so small they couldn’t stand, lie down, or turn. However, that law didn’t offer a specified alternative, so farmers and distributors did the bare minimum, keeping our feathered friends in conditions that were hardly an improvement.

Hence, Proposition 12 was just passed. Not only does it specify floor space, but also applies the rules to distributors who import from out of state. By 2022, the expectation is to ready the chickens to be completely cage-free.

“Change is coming. This vote is a massive blow against industrial animal agriculture’s abusive confinement systems,” remarks Josh Balk, whose last name is perfect in the battle for the Bah-Gok.

Still, there’s a long way to go. Chicken popularity has grown exponentially in residential California, becoming a point of prestige in places like Silicon Valley. Where families keep chickens in their backyards, sparing no expense on custom chicken coops for sale, having them shipped from all around the country.

Of course, the laws for big farm-a and residential chicken keeping are vastly different. Residents are legally required to have some manner of enclosed shelter for their fowl friends. Usually opting for customized wooden chicken coops, residential chickens are treated a lot better than their agricultural counterparts.

At the end of the day, we’re looking for excellent treatment and living conditions for all of the chickens. As the battle continues, we’re here to keep your chickens well sheltered in finely crafted chicken coops. And that’s nothing to peck at.