Interesting Facts About Your Custom Amish Furniture

According to the Amish Outlet Store, unlike furniture made of other materials, wooden dining tables and other pieces made of wood are perceived as classic rather than trendy and dated. If you’re looking for quality furniture that has a timeless appeal, it’s time to learn more about the many benefits of Amish furniture. These are the type of facts you’ll want to share with anyone who visits your home!

Mature Timber Only

When you buy custom pieces like wooden dining tables from an Amish outlet, you’re going to get a top-quality piece. Amish furniture is made from mature timber, and because they grow their own, these furniture manufacturers only use the best. Some of the most common trees that are used in the construction of Amish furniture include Maple, Cherry, Hickory, Quarter-Sawn Oak, Ambrosia, and Walnut. Let your guests know that, because these are hardwoods, the furniture made with these trees is durable and long-lasting.

Non-Toxic Adhesives and Materials

No one wants toxic materials in their home, especially in their kitchens, dining rooms, or bedrooms. You can let all of your guests know that the adhesives that are used to make Amish furniture are completely free of toxins. This means that Amish furniture is not only environmentally friendly, but it’s also household friendly too. If you’re looking to maintain a safe, healthy, and toxin-free home, then Amish furniture is the way to go.

No Two Identical Pieces

The next time you have friends over for dinner and they admire your Amish-made furniture, be sure to let them know that no two pieces are exactly alike. That’s right, your piece is truly unique and one of a kind. In addition to a variety of features that determine the overall style of your Amish furniture, you’ll also get to choose the type of wood and finish that you want. This means that any table, shelf, or bedroom furnishing can be made to your specifications. If you are creating a home that reflects your personal taste, this is an ideal way to achieve that goal.

If you’re looking at wooden dining tables or other quality pieces for your home, it’s time to take a look at custom-made Amish furniture. Take a look at our website to learn more about our top-quality custom options, or contact our team at Amish Mike if you have any questions. There are sure to be a few pieces that are just perfect for your home!