Important Things to Look for in a Dog House

amish-dog-kennel  Just like you would want a comfortable place to live in, your dog would also appreciate it if you put some thought into buying its house. Therefore, it’s important to buy a proper dog house that ensures your pet’s happiness and well-being. Check out the important things to look for in a doghouse to get started.


This should be your first port of call because it’s the feature that guarantees the safety and comfort of your dog. For instance, you might want to avoid metal and plastic dog houses since they absorb heat and cold, meaning your dog will never be protected from the outside weather. Generally, wood is the best material for a doghouse. All the better if you can find an Amish dog kennel. Typically, an Amish dog kennel and other types of Amish furniture are made from five types of quality woods, which are oak, hickory, walnut, maple, and cherry. So, you might want to look in that direction if you want a dog house made from the best materials.

Key Features

Be sure to check out the details to ensure your dog gets a house that’s both practical and luxurious. Practical considerations to make include whether the floor is elevated or not. This is an important feature because, ideally, you want air to be able to circulate underneath. This prevents contact with the soil, which causes the dog house to decay faster.

Also, during summer, an elevated floor will allow air to move beneath the house and will keep the dog house protected from the frozen ground during winter. Other important considerations to make include:

  • Insulation: This will keep your dog protected if you live in an area that experiences extreme weather.
  • Ventilation on the roof: This prevents air from building up inside, making for a fresher and more comfortable environment.
  • Offset entryway: This is better than a centered door since it means your dog won’t be in the path of direct wind when resting.

The tips above will go a long way towards ensuring you get the best type of habitat for your dog. Remember to customize your search to your dog’s needs and don’t be afraid to splurge on a quality dog house once you find it. For instance, an Amish dog kennel can be well worth the price since it’s built for comfort and to last.