How to Take Care of Your Wooden Furniture

Wood is one of the biggest materials used to make furniture. Wood is organic and therefore when exposed to the right elements it can rot. However, when wooden furniture is well-taken care of, it can last many years. According to, wooden furniture can last up to 20 years before signs of aging such as fading and cracking begin to show. Depending on the quality of wood, some furniture may even last longer. Wooden furniture needs some dedicated care to prolong its longevity.

Avoid Exposing It to Outside Elements

Being organic, wood is affected by outside elements such as rain and sunlight. You should never keep your wooden furniture in the open. Rain causes it to rot while the UV rays of the sun affect it. These elements may shorten the lifespan of wooden furniture. You should also avoid keeping it too close to fire as fire also affects the quality of wood. When placing wooden furniture in the house ensure that you keep it in a place where it gets minimal exposure to these elements.

Use it Gently

Using furniture roughly reduces its longevity significantly. Some habits such as placing hot utensils on the wooden furniture directly have an effect on the appearance of the furniture. Some people may even use knives on the wooden furniture giving it dents. If you want your furniture to serve you for many years, be gentle with it. Ensure that there is a cloth or mat between the table and hot utensils. Use chopping boards to do your slicing, never slice anything on your wooden furniture.

Keep Wood Clean

Wood loves cleanliness. By dusting and wiping your wooded furniture often, you prolong its life. A buildup of dust can cause scratching of the wood. It is important to dust often to ensure that there is no buildup. When cleaning, one needs to pay close attention to the detergents used. One must ensure that they only use detergents and soaps that are friendly to the wood. Corrosive detergents should be avoided.

Furnish Your Wooden Furniture

One of the best ways to ensure that your wooden furniture looks great for a long time is to give it a layer of protective cover. A layer of furnish ensures that the core of t wood is protected. One needs to keep renewing this layer every few years.

It is important to note any flaws in the wood and have them repaired immediately. Wooden furniture is stylish. It however requires care to ensure that it retains that majestic look for many years. Give us a call today for quality wooden furniture.