How to Store Your Keys at Home So You Don’t Lose Them

We’ve all experienced the panic of misplacing our keys and frantically searching the house trying to find them. Keys are essential items that you use daily, so you need a reliable storage solution to keep them secure yet easy to access. Here are some tips on how to store your keys at home so you don’t lose them.

Choose a Designated Spot Near the Door

When choosing where to mount your wooden wall accessories for keys, opt for a spot near your main entry door. This makes grabbing your keys convenient when heading out the door. Install a key holder, wall-mounted shelf, or pegboard wooden wall accessories in your entryway or mudroom. Place it at a height that’s easily reachable. Having a consistent parking spot for your keys every time you return home makes them impossible to lose around the house.

Use Distinct Hooks for Different Keys

Wooden wall accessories like a multi-hook keyholder or pegboard allow assigning separate hooks for house keys, car keys, work keys, etc. Color code each hook with paint or use different shaped hooks to match the key type. This organization system lets you see at a glance which keys aren’t on the holder. Labels also help distinguish separate keys. Include labels noting what each key is for, which family member it belongs to, or even the vehicle make and model of each one.

Try a Wall Shelf for Additional Storage

For more storage flexibility, wooden wall accessories like wall shelves or small cabinets give room to place additional small items. Mount the shelf near your entry hooks to keep essentials handy while heading out. Use organizers on the shelves to store items like reusable shopping bags, face masks, umbrellas, mittens, and microfiber cloths. Install dividers to separate different categories. A mounted wooden box with partitions is ideal for sorting keys.

An organized wooden wall accessories system only works if you stick with it. Get into the routine of putting your keys onto the assigned hook or shelf compartment as soon as you get home. According to Mississippi State University, nearly 73% of people agree that “The design of my furniture reflects my personality.” If you’re looking for the perfect wooden wall accessories to hold your keys and reflect your personality, then visit us at Amish Mike to see what we have available.