How to Get Your Garden Shed Ready for Spring in Three Easy Steps

gardenshed-240x300  Spring is finally in the air, and more and more homeowners are heading back outdoors, cleaning up their properties, and preparing for the warmer months. Over 21 million people in the U.K. have a shed, and they’re similarly popular in the United States. One of the items on many homeowners’ to-do lists is to make sure their sheds and garages are clean, in good repair, and ready for use. Here’s a short, three-part checklist for getting your garden shed ready this spring.

1. Clean it up.
The first thing you’ll need to do with your shed is clean it up. Cheap garden sheds might need a couple of repairs after a harsh winter, so make sure that any damages are dealt with and fixed. Then, clean the shed inside and out. Clear out cobwebs, dust, and anything that may have settled over the winter months. Rake leaves and debris away from the perimeter of the shed to help keep moisture away from it. Amish furniture and sheds are known to be build 100% out of wood, so if your is, take special care in making sure your shed is protected.

2. Reorganize.
More than three-quarters of people (77%) say that they keep old tools in their garden shed. If you do, it’s worth taking everything out of the shed and reevaluating what you need to keep and what you should purge. Donate everything you didn’t use last year to make more room. Some custom sheds have built-in shelves, but if you don’t already have organizational space in your shed, make some.

3. Start some landscaping.
Garden sheds are meant for gardening. Some of the trouble of having a shed is that it can become a dilapidated-looking eyesore, which can happen over the winter months. Your shed should be a destination and something to create interest and beauty on your property. Use your newly cleaned and organized space to do some landscaping around the front of it.

Readying a garden shed for spring can seem like a huge chore, but it’s as easy as cleaning and making repairs, reorganizing, and adding some landscaping around the front.