How To Choose The Right Dog Kennel


The 2020 National Pet Owners Survey by the American Pet Products Association estimates that 38% of all US households have a dog. This translates to over 63.4 million homes with over 75 million canines.

You may regard your pup as a crucial member of your family. One of the best ways to ensure that they remain safe and comfortable is by purchasing a custom dog house. There are several factors that you may need to keep in mind before purchasing the 8 x 12 dog kennel. Here are four vital considerations to make before buying a custom dog house.

1. Kennel Size

The first step is to determine the size of the custom-made dog house that you need. Amish shed builders build sheds with different dimensions including, 4 x 6 and 8 x 12 dog kennels. You need a kennel that will allow your pup to move around comfortably. Take note of the size of your dog and its potential size when fully mature. The dog house should be big enough to allow your pet to turn around without touching the sides.

However, bigger doesn’t always translate to better. Dogs generally feel secure and safer in smaller spaces. You may need to figure out the most appropriately sized custom dog house to purchase.

2. Backyard Space

It is also important to figure out where to place your Amish-built dog house. An 8 x 12 dog kennel is appropriately sized for most American households. You may need to take out your tape measure and mark out the area that you wish to place the kennel. If you have a smaller yard, you can opt for the tinier 4 x 6 dog kennel. Make sure to leave some space to allow for proper air circulation. Additionally, you need to avoid placing the dog kennel shed on the poorly drained end of your yard. Ensure that the kennel will be well-ventilated and receiving enough natural light.

3. Cost

While pricing is a vital factor to keep in mind, you shouldn’t peg your buying decision on the costs only. Prices may vary depending on the vendor, the size of the dog kennel, the material used, and the customizations done on the shed. You may need to find an option that you can afford while offering you a long-term service. Higher-quality sheds may be more expensive but are more durable, lasting throughout the life of your pup.

4. Roofing Type

Building designs are also a key element to focus on. On the top of the list is the roofing. The roof type that you choose for your 8 x 12 dog kennel is highly dependent on the weather and climate around your home. A single roof panel offers better insulation making it an excellent choice for colder climates. A detachable roof is perfect for warmer regions, an ideal solution during the hot summer months. You may also need to factor in roofing material, such as wood, shingles, or metal roofs.

Time to Get the Right Kennel

Finding the right housing option for your puppy is essential in keeping them safe and comfortable. It also gives you peace of mind as a pet owner. These four factors above can help you choose the right Amish dog kennel. For more information on the design and customization of dog houses, reach out to Amish Mike.