Here’s Why You Should Avoid Purchasing Mass Produced Furniture

Mass-produced furniture has quickly become dubbed fast furniture because it’s so similar to fast fashion. People that need furniture appreciate the low cost and instantly buy up everything from beds to bookshelves. However, there are several reasons why mass-produced furniture isn’t the best option. Here’s why it’s always better to opt for furniture made through custom construction rather than mass-produced.

It’s Cheaply Made

Instead of solid wood, you’ll discover that most mass-produced furniture comes with plywood for backing and cheap pressed wood. That’s why it’s so affordable. However, that also means that it won’t last as long. Fast furniture will likely need to be replaced in a few years. According to the New York Post, high-quality wood furniture should last you an average of 10-15 years.

Not Environmentally Friendly

When furniture needs to be tossed, it usually takes out with the trash. Around 12 million pounds of furniture wind up on the streets. That furniture is then either burned or winds up in a landfill. That’s because mass-produced furniture helps fuel the throw-away relationship with furniture.

Not Cost-Effective

Spending a smaller sum of money initially makes it seem like mass-produced furniture is affordable. However, you’ll wind up spending more money in the long run because it must be replaced often. Saving up for higher-quality furniture is an investment that is better for your bank account.

Limited Options

Mass-produced furniture doesn’t come with many options. You’ll get the same cookie-cutter-styled furniture that everyone else has instead of being able to showcase your personality truly. You’ll also discover that there are limited colors and styles available. When you opt for custom construction, you can choose the size, style, and custom features of your furniture.

It Doesn’t Fit Perfectly

One of the biggest downfalls of mass-produced furniture is that it never seems to fit properly in your space. When you choose custom construction, every piece of furniture will be carefully crafted to fit the dimensions you need for your space. Homeowners won’t have to deal with awkward-looking furniture again!

Not Aesthetically Appealing

Mass-produced furniture might not look bad, but it doesn’t look breathtakingly beautiful. Instead, you get basic furniture with minimum functionality. Your home won’t showcase your amazing personality or get as many compliments.

Custom construction allows homeowners to enjoy more environmentally friendly, higher quality, and aesthetically appealing furniture. Contact Amish Mike to discuss how we can turn the furniture of your dreams into a reality.