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We offer 3 lines of buildings, all of which are constructed with the highest quality.

The differences in these lines are:

  • Trim design
  • Door and hardware package
  • Level of detail
  • Flexibility of options
Select Style

Are you buying this building just for storage, appearance or both?

We offer many different models, designs and options to give you what you want!

What Size Should We Get?

You should consider all the different items you would be storing. The one bit of advice we can offer is, we have never heard a customer say, “I think we should have bought a smaller building!” If you can fit it, go for the bigger one!

You Design It And We Build It!

Every building series offer unique options that will help us in designing your building! If you don’t see it, do not be discouraged. Please, do not hesitate in sharing any questions or concerns you may have. We always tries to stock a wide range of models with many different designs, intended to give you visual information you need in designing a building to your specifications.

Accessibility And Location

Bring in or send us your measurements and pictures. We also offer “site checks” on all shed orders if we cant determine if delivery is an issue with pictures. Almost every structure can come in kit form, if we cannot access the area. It is always beneficial in having your structure delivered assembled, if delivery is possible after we see the pictures. It’s much more cost efficient and you can have your new building ready in a matter of minutes.

  • Site Checks – Once an order is written with the required deposit, we can send over one of our well trained associates to look over your property. (We would like t see pictures first)
Site Preparation

What do you need to do?

  • Gravel – A level gravel foundation is worth every penny spent. We recommend a level gravel (¾ stone) foundation. We feel this is a very simple yet effective way to not only keep your building level, but also extent the life of your building for years!
  • Blocks – Another example of site preparation is blocking it up. Most buildings under 100 sq feet, you can put blocks under each of the four corners. We only ask for you to provide the blocks during the delivery. If the area is more then 4 inches of grade from one side to another, we would not recommend this certain way in site preparation. Example, if you feel we need to use more then 12-16 patio blocks to level your structure. Then that certain area has larger grade then 4 inches. If you feel this is a problem we would recommend you to go with the Gravel site preparation, a level gravel foundation is worth the time and the money.
  • Sonic Tubes – Some areas need more work then other, if that’s the case you might need to resort to sonic tubes. We will provide the specific measurements that you need to determine where to put your sonic tubes.
  • Concrete Slab – Every town has different regulations, some might require you to install a slab based on the size of your building. If this is the case, keep in mind that this will be the most expensive way to prep your area, but the best.

The last step but most important! One of the most important thing you need to know, our drivers are the very best! We use state of the art equipment and have delivered thousands of different structures. At the time of your order you are given an approximate time frame. As that time approaches we will contact you 5 to 7 days prior to your original time frame to establish a delivery day. Once we figure out the best possible day for delivery we decide on a 4-hour window for your delivery. Once the day comes for your delivery we will contact you when one of our many well trained drivers are loading up your building. This will help to cut the original 4-hour time frame to a 1-hour time frame. If you have any questions or concerns during this time, please feel free to contact us!