Handcrafted Amish Furniture of the Highest Quality


The construction and finishing of Amish furniture differ from the mainstream manufactures. Because the products are not mass manufactured, you can expect a high level of uniqueness and attention to detail. These are the three elements that go into our Amish premium quality furniture production.

Culture and Experience

There is nothing more important than culture and experience when it comes to crafting quality Amish furniture. Amish furniture initially gained popularity in the 1920s. This is around the same period that American folk art was ‘discovered.’ During this time, dealers and historians placed a lot of value upon the quality of the pieces. Even to this day, each piece of furniture you get will be made by people who understand the importance of quality and style.

Therefore, you can be guaranteed that you will get something that perfectly suits your home. There are several different styles of Amish furniture to choose from. For instance, you can get Craftsman, Contemporary, and Mid-Century Modern styles.

High Standards

When it comes to Amish furniture, quality is one of the main areas of focus. Like us, most manufacturers handcraft their furniture and strictly stick to wood construction. You can be guaranteed that every piece of wood in a piece of furniture is carefully selected by experienced craftsmen and analyzed to ensure it fits the highest standards of quality. After each piece has been built, it is then sent to the finishing shop. Before it reaches your home, the furniture is judged and inspected.

Personalized Service

Each and every one of our customers automatically becomes part of our family. Therefore, we work with our customers side-by-side to ensure that every piece is per their exact specifications and customizations. When you choose Amish furniture, quality and durability are guaranteed. You can also rely on us for the best customer service. Therefore, you can be sure that all of your concerns are heard and understood, not just swept under the carpet.

Amish Mike is New Jersey’s largest manufacturer of Amish-built sheds and other furniture products. You can take advantage of our ‘Rent to Own Program’ that allows you to make low monthly installments. The property will be your own after 24-36 months of payments if you want a secured furniture investment with a warranty. Amish Mike is the place to go.