Some of the shed models are available as a garage by simply adding a garage door. Cap Cod, Dutch Barns, 7′ wall A Frame and some other models, with custom work, can have a garage door added.

When adding a garage door to one of the shed models, we upgrade the floor system to a heavy duty floor and still allow a set of double doors and 2 windows with trim or shutters placed to your specifications. All our garage models will come painted or you can upgrade to other siding materials like vinyl, cedar or other option sidings are available.

All our garages are delivered with a wood floor or can be ordered in a kit form and built on your prepared foundation.

The garage door options are solid or carriage design with or without glass inserts, and can be ordered as a insultated door. Most garage models are available up to 14′ foot wide but will require a road escort fee, ask our sales people.

All garages 12′ foot wide can have a 9′ foot wide garage door installed while all 10′ foot wide garages will require an 8′ wide garage door. Many popular options are lofts, ramps, glass top doors, vents, cupolas, and flower boxes.

Garage Door Options