Similar to some of the Signature Sheds, Amish Mike offers some of our New England models as a garage. Again, its easy as picking the shed model available and adding a garage door.The shed models available in the New England series are Elite, Cape Code, Dutch, 7′ Wall and Lincoln. With some custom work, some of the other models may also be available with a garage door. When adding a garage door to a shed, we include a heavy duty floor, 2 windoes with trim or shutters and 1 set of db doors, all these items are placed to your specifications.We can deliver our garages in one piece or built on site on your prepared foundation. Due to the large overhangs, the elite garage is available up to 12′ wide, all 14′ wide Elite Garages would require the roof to be done on site.

The Cape Cod, Dutch and 7′ Wall A Frame are all available up to 14′ wide. All 14′ wide garages require a road escort, ask your sales person for details.

All 12′ and 14′ wide garages can accept a 9′ wide garage door while all 10′ wide garages can only accept 8′ wide garages. There are many options for the garage door, such as solid or carriage with or without glass inserts. You can also order your garage door insulated.

Vinyl siding can be added to your garage and/or other siding material is available including cedar or lapp/horizontal hard board. We can also match your custom colors.

Some popular options that can be added are lofts, ramps, cupola, flower boxes, vents, glass top doors and much more! If you don’t see it, ask for it. All our garages are customized to meet your specifications.