Amish Mike’s Sheds also feature pergolas.  A commanding presence as an entrance way or outdoor room, an Amish Mike pergola adds architectural sophistication and charm to your home and landscape. We will work with you to customize your freestanding or attached structure to meet your particular needs. Our original designs offer function, storage and quality.  A solution for all your Pergola needs!The  Heartland Pergola features are a solid pressure treated laminated 5 x 5 post with decorative post skirts, three piece 2 x 6 arched joists span across the even measurement side.  2 x 6 runners span across odd measurement side, all notched together at each intersection to resist warping.  Triple ply 2 x 8 header for added strength to maintain a straight non-sagging appearance.  Anchor brackets for concrete, patio, and decks.  The heartland pergola is available in cedar, canyon brown, cinder and mahogany finishes.  Many other options are available, please contact us for details.