Furniture Reflects Your Personality; Don’t be Boring


Everything — from the appliances you use to the paintings on the wall — reflect your personality. Your furniture is no different. The items in your home and on your property are extensions of yourself and your family. You don’t want to just grab whatever default piece of furniture you see first at the default furniture store unless you pride yourself on your default personality.

You, most likely, are going to want to purchase something a little more exciting that reflects your originality. Custom Amish furniture could be just what you and your family need.

No matter the size, shape, and location of your home, Amish furniture, which is 100% hand-crafted, can be customized to fit any part of your property. Are you worried the pool is encroaching on your home? An Amish-built custom shed can be placed directly in the corner of your home, giving you more than enough room. You want bunk beds for your kids, but they’re both 11-feet-tall? Fear not, Amish-crafted bunk beds for giant children can be easily built to accommodate for even the tallest of children.

There are a few other things to keep in mind when dealing with Amish-built items:

  • To build new, custom Amish furniture, the process typically takes approximately eight weeks. For larger scale items like custom sheds, Amish built garages, or large gazebos, the building process could take a little longer than the average eight weeks.
  • Amish furniture and property items are typically crafted from five different types of wood: maple, walnut, oak, cherry, and hickory.
  • When drawing up or purchasing a custom shed, it’s important that after you determine the maximum storage space you are going to need, you add on about 25% for future storage. You never know how much more space you’ll need for storage, especially once your kids need somewhere to store their pool toys for giant people.

The customization of 100% Amish-crafted furniture is exceptional. You will be able to have any item created for any home, any property, or any situation. Your home is a great reflection of your personality. Express yourself through your home, your furniture, and every aspect of your life!