Five Alternative Uses for Your Custom Garden Shed

gardenshed-300x210  Garden sheds are typically used for furniture and tool storage, but what if you could create a space that was used for more than just storing your lawn mower? Long gone are the days when your parents and grandparents used the shed to store garden shears and the push mower.

Today, outdoor furniture specialists can help you create a space within your shed that may just make you want to spend more time in there than in your home. So if you’re looking for ways to re-purpose your garden shed, here are five unique ideas.

Work From Home
As a working professional, those days working from home can be difficult, especially when you’re struggling to separate home and work duties. Why not create a workspace in your wooden shed? The office is a short walk across the back patio, but it still provides an element of separation from home.

When you initially purchase a shed, it’s important to account for storage needs and then increase your size requirements by about 25%. However, if you find your exercise equipment has no place to live in your home, that extra space in the garden shed could be converted into a DIY home gym.

Tired of the constant in and out of the house during summer vacation? By converting your shed into a playroom for kids, they can have the comforts of the indoors and outdoors, without bothering you during your daily tasks. Furnish the space with a fridge full of healthy snacks and drinks, and you’ve got a kid paradise, right in your backyard.

Home Cinema
A wooden shed should last about 15 years or so, but you may want it to last longer if it’s converted into a home theater. If your shed is particularly spacious, set up a few comfy chairs, a fridge for cold drinks, and a projector screen. Add some fuzzy floor coverings, and presto! You’ve got a home theater that’s perfect for outdoor sleepovers and romantic getaways.

Outdoor Bathroom
This may sound like an odd idea, but custom Amish sheds can be re-purposed for nearly any use without issue. Imagine all of those summer barbecues and parties you want to have. Now, imagine muddy feet and sticky hands all over the bathroom inside of your home. With an outdoor toilet, you’ll be able to accommodate your guests andprotect your decorative hand towels.

Over 92% of consumers report wanting to keep their wooden furniture and sheds for at least 15 years, and with the right specialists helping you refurbish these spaces, you just may keep it for even longer.