How to Find The Best Dog House For Your Furry Friend


An active dog loves to run around and play in the great outdoors. What better way to give your furry friend the freedom to enjoy the backyard than to give them their very own dog house with kennel?

However, it isn’t enough to get just any old dog house with kennel for your canine best friend. Your pet’s dog house is their home away from home. You need to be sure your dog is comfortable and happy the whole time they’re relaxing in it. 

But how do you know just what to look for in a dog house? Consider the following ways to determine the best dog house with kennel for your little buddy.

The size of the dog house
First, to determine the best type of dog house you need to consider your dog’s size. Your dog should be able to stand, turn, and stretch out completely. An 8 x 12 dog kennel is one of the most popular sizes. 

However, not every dog likes a lot of space. Examine where your dog sleeps. Do they like smaller spaces to feel more secure? If so, consider an Amish dog house that’s big enough for them to move around in, but small enough where they’ll feel safe.

The material of the dog house
When considering a dog kennel, it’s important to think about your location. A metal dog house may be incredibly durable, but it can also rust in places with high humidity and heavy rain. Plastic dog kennels may be easy to clean, but if your dog is prone to chew non-edible objects, a plastic dog house could be a hazard.

Amish dog houses and Amish dog kennels made from 100% wood are some of the most common choices for dog houses. An Amish dog kennel can be built to the exact dimensions of your dog. It can also be changed over time to accommodate puppies. What’s more, Amish furniture such as dog kennel houses only takes approximately eight weeks to build and customize.

Not every dog is the same and neither is every dog house. Amish Mike can give you the custom, 100% handmade dog house your furry friend deserves with the size and material you need. For more information on Amish built dog kennels, contact Amish Mike today.