Essential Equipment for a New Chicken Coop

amish-chicken-coops   Chickens are amazing animals. They’re fun to watch, can provide breakfast, and some can even be affectionate to their owners. However, raising chickens requires a lot of work, and they have a lot of special needs that should be considered when putting together their coop.

If you’re looking to start raising chickens, here is what you need to know about chicken coops.

What New Chicken Coops Need

A chicken coop isn’t just a shed that houses your birds. It needs to be predator-proof, insulated, and provide enough space for all your chickens to roost comfortably. Amish chicken coops are some of the most secure and sturdy that you can find, but it can take up to eight weeks to build these custom coops. While you may be eager to get your chickens now, use this time to stock up on some coop essentials that you’ll need once it’s done.

1. A Waterer

Chickens need water, especially during the hot summer months. Make sure to get a waterer to install in their coop. It should be both durable and sturdy so that your birds can’t knock it around or break it. While automatic waters are ideal, if you’re using a pan, make sure that it can be elevated so that bedding doesn’t get kicked into it.

2. A Feeder

Next, your chickens will need a feeder and it’s important that it stays free of contamination from bedding or bird droppings. Like the water, you’ll want to place open containers in an elevated position. Make sure that your feeder is in an area that all your chickens can access and that it’s large enough to provide for all your birds. The natural pecking order of chickens means that squabbles can often occur over food, and providing enough for everyone can help prevent this.

3. Bedding

Although your chickens don’t sleep in the bedding, it is essential for providing insulation and helping to soak up moisture and odor. This can make your coop smell better, and it can be easier to clean up. Proper bedding is essential for helping to keep your bird comfortable and clean, so it’s not something you want to skimp on.

Caring for Your Chickens

Chickens can be great fun to raise, but they do require some special care. While this is only the tip of the iceberg, these three things are essential for any new chicken coop. In the eight weeks it will take to make your Amish chicken coop, take the time to ensure that you have these essentials for when your coop is complete.