The Environmental Impact of Amish Furniture Production


Amish furniture gained popularity in the 1920s when American folk art gained attention and people began to recognize the beauty and quality of Amish pieces. Since then, Amish furniture has remained a popular choice due to its high quality and easy customization.

If you’re looking to add furniture to your home, consider purchasing Amish-made furniture. Whether it’s wooden cupboards, a custom garage, an Amish shed, or any other piece of furniture, Amish handmade furniture is classic, long-lasting, and usually made out of 100% wood.

One thing people may not take into consideration when purchasing furniture is the environmental impact the of the furniture production. Fortunately, Amish furniture production has a low impact on the environment, which means choosing Amish furniture can be a great way to reduce your footprint on the environment. Let’s take a closer look at a few reasons why Amish furniture is more environmentally-friendly than factory-made furniture:

  • The main material used in Amish furniture is wood. Unlike plastic, which spends the remainder of its life in a landfill, wood is a biodegradable material. Wooden Amish furniture will last a very long time, as you can pass it down through generations if you take good care of it. So unlike other cheaply-made furniture, you won’t have to even worry about disposing of it.
  • Additionally, the wood used to make the furniture is acquired from trees grown in the U.S. so there is no fuel or energy being used to import the materials. When you buy factory-made furniture, even if it says “Made In China” you have no idea where the material actually came from. It could’ve been brought in from multiple different locations, further adding to the use of fuel for shipment.
  • Instead of using electric power tools to construct the furniture, 100% of Amish-made furniture is crafted by hand. They also rely on natural lighting and don’t use electrical generators. This decreases the amount of electrical energy it takes to make the furniture.
  • Since the majority of Amish furniture is custom made per order, there is no need for mass storage. This reduces energy costs that are typically needed to power a storage facility. An Amish shed, garage, or barn is made to order and delivered right after it is completed.

So next time you’re thinking about purchasing new furniture or adding an addition to your yard, consider buying Amish-made furniture. A custom dog house, gazebo, or an Amish shed or garage could be exactly what your home needs — as well as being an environmentally-conscious decision.