CC Collection

CC-155 Oceanside Dining Chair $360
CC-156 Oceanside Swivel Dining Chair $630
CC-157 Oceanside Swivel Rocker Dining Chair $870
CC-158 Oceanside Pub Chair $465 [(C) Counter- $470]
CC-159 Oceanside Swivel Pub Chair $705 [(C) Counter- $705]
CC-8010 Marina Dining Chair $490
CC-8014 Marina Counter Height Chair (23.5" Chair H) $520 [CC-8018 Pub Chair 27.5"H Chair- $525]
CC-8015 Swivel Pub Chair (27.5" Chair Height) $885 [CC-8016 Counter Height- $885]
CC-8012 Marina Swivel Dining Chair $910
CC-6511A Bayshore Dining Chair w/ Arms $400
CC-6511 Bayshore Dining Chair $370
CC-6510A Bayshore Pub Chair w/ Arms $535 [CA- Counter Height- $535]
CC-6510 Bayshore Pub Chair $505 [C- Counter Height- $505]
CC-6516A Bayshore Swivel Pub Chair w/ Arms $740 [CA- Counter Height- $740] [6517A- Swivel Dining Chair w/ Arms- $645]
CC-6516 Bayshore Swivel Pub Chair $710 [CA- Counter Height- $710] [6517- Swivel Dining Chair- $605]
CC-6513A Bayshore Sling Dining Chair w/ Arms $510
CC-6513 Bayshore Sling Dining Chair $480
CC-6514A Bayshore Sling Pub Chair w/ Arms $620 [CC-6514CA Counter Chair w/ Arms $620]
CC-6514 Bayshore Sling Pub Chair $580 [CC-6514C Counter Chair $580]
CC-5011 Wavz Dining Chair $360
CC-5012 Wavz Swivel Dining Chair $670
CC-5020 Wavz Pub Chair $490 [C- Counter Height- $485]
CC-5021 Wavz Swivel Pub Chair $780
BG Collection

BG-MHCDC2639 Mayhew Chat Dining Chair $535
BG-MHCCC2644 Mayhew Chat Counter Chair [Available at Bar Height $740(MHCBC2647)]
BG-MHCSD2638 Mayhew Chat Swivel Rocker Dining Chair $975
BG-MHCSC2644 Mayhew Chat Swivel Counter Chair $910 [Available at Bar Height $955(MHCSB2647)]
BG-MHSDAC2236 Mayhew Sling Dining Arm Chair $800
BG-MHSCC2241 Mayhew Sling Counter Arm Chair $855 [Available at Bar height $990(MHSBC2245)]
BG-MHSSD2235 Mayhew Sling Dining Swivel Rocker $1,170
BG-MHSSC2241 Mayhew Sling Counter Swivel Chair $1,100 [Available at Bar height $1,145(MHSSB2245)]
BG-CTDC2744 Classic Terrace Dining Chair $570
BG-PZDC2127 Cozi Back Dining Chair $430
BG-PZCC2131 Cozi Back Counter Chair $505 [Also available at Bar height $525(PZBC21350)]
BG-ZSDC2127 Cozi Back Swivel Rocker Dining Chair $875
BG-ZSCC2131 Cozi Back Swivel Counter Chair $780 [Also available at Bar height $825(ZSBC2135)]
BG-PZXT2139 Cozi Back XT Chair $540
BG-ZSXT2139 Cozi Back Swivel XT Chair $875
BG-BDC2037 Bristol Dining Chair $380
BG-BCC2041 Bristol Counter Chair $440 [Also available at Bar height $465(BBC2045)]
BG-BSRDC2036 Bristol Swivel Rocker Dining Chair $960
BG-BSCC2041 Bristol Swivel Counter Chair $875 [Also available at Bar height $920(BSBC2045)]
BG-BXTC2049 Bristol XT Chair $505
BG-BSXTC2049 Bristol XT Swivel Chair $970
BG-BAK1022 Bristol Arm Kit $80
BG-PEDC2127 Comfo-Back Dining Chair $430
BG-PECC2131 Comfo-Back Counter Chair $505 [Also available at Bar height $525(PEBC2135)]
BG-PEXTC2139 Comfo-Back XT Chair $540
BG-ESDC2127 Comfo-Back Swivel Rocker Dining Chair $875
BG-ESCC2131 Comfo-Back Swivel Counter Chair $780 [Also available at Bar height $825(ESBC2135)]
BG-ESXTC2139 Comfo-Back Swivel XT Chair $875
DB Collection

DB-2503 Fanback Dining Chair $405
DB-4008 Fanback Bar Chair $510 [DB-5503 Counter Chair $500]
DB-7100 Newport Dining Chair $330
DB-7103 Newport Dining Arm Chair $395
DB-7108 Newport Counter Chair $425
DB-7105 Newport Counter Arm Chair $495
DB-7111 Newport Bar Chair $460
DB-7114 Newport Bar Arm Chair $535
DB-7200 Woodlands Dining Chair $330
DB-7203 Woodlands Dining Arm Chair $395
DB-7208 Woodlands Counter Chair $425
DB-7205 Woodlands Counter Arm Chair $495
DB-7211 Woodlands Bar Chair $460
DB-7214 Woodlands Bar Arm Chair $535
DB-7300 Leesport Dining Chair $330
DB-7303 Leesport Dining Arm Chair $395
DB-7305 Leesport Counter Arm Chair $495
DB-7311 Leesport Bar Chair $460 [DB-7308 Counter Chair $425]
DB-7314 Leesport Bar Arm Chair $535
WV Collection

WV-KE-Ch Keystone Chair: Counter $455; Bar $485
WV-KE-ChA-Co or Ba Keystone Chair with Arms: Counter $520; Bar $535
WV-KE-ChS Keystone Swivel Chair with Arms: Counter $745; Bar $775
WV-KE-CLA-Di Keystone Dining Chair: $435; with Arms $455; Swivel w/o Arms $695