Design Ideas for Making a Custom Shed a Part of Your Home

customshed-300x210  When you think about sheds, the first thing that comes to mind might be a prefabricated plastic square you can use for storage in your backyard. But sheds are simply small, single-story buildings — typically placed in a backyard — and can have windows, roofs and doors just like a miniature home or barn. These can also be used for far more creative purposes.

While simple storage sheds can be useful, consider how these upgraded custom shed ideas might add value and living space to your home.

    1. Children’s Play Houses
      Whether it’s a complete mini-house you can furnish with your old dishes and play furniture or just a big playroom with plenty of space for all your kids’ toys, your children will love the feeling of having a special area all their own. Moving your child’s play area out of the main house has several advantages (for the adults in the family, too). First of all, it keeps the mess out of your living space, giving your children more freedom to create their own environments and leave setups in place for longer. Having a playroom area in a custom shed can also encourage your kids to play outside, getting fresh air and exercise, rather than sitting in front of the living-room TV.
    1. Workshops
      Creating a work area in a custom shed can make any hobby even more pleasurable. Tools can be organized neatly but kept nearby so you always have what you need right at hand. Having your tools and projects in a separate area, instead of a garage or basement your entire family uses, also allows you to control access, keeping kids away from sharp objects or potentially dangerous power tools.
    1. Pool Houses
      A complete pool house with plumbing and electrical can be a costly headache, especially since building a complete structure requires building permits, inspections and a host of other complications. A simpler option that provides many of the same benefits is a custom shed. Consider dividing it into sections so that you have some storage space for pool toys and cleaning supplies — clearing up some of the clutter that tends to accumulate around the pool — and also a couple changing areas for people to get in and out of their swimsuits. A large shed can also accommodate some general garden storage and a dry, clean place to put outdoor furniture cushions when not in use so they don’t get dirty and faded.

Common shed constructions include plastic, metal and vinyl sheeting over wooden frames, but none of these can stand up to 100% wood construction in either durability or aesthetics. Whatever your use for a custom shed, hold it to the same building standards as the rest of your home; cheap garden sheds made of plastic may serve as temporary places to throw your tools, but they can’t add value and comfortable working areas to your home.

Have these suggestions sparked any ideas for you? What would you use a custom shed for? Share in the comments!