Chest vs. Catch-All Cabinet: Which Is Right for My Kitchen?


When designing or redecorating a kitchen, storage is key. Two popular wooden furniture options for additional kitchen storage are chests and catch-all cabinets. But which is the better choice for your needs? Here are some factors to consider when deciding between a chest or catch-all cabinet.


Chests offer enclosed storage with a lift-up lid, ideal for tucking away kitchen items you don’t use often or want out of sight. Catch-all cabinets have shelves and doors, allowing you to neatly organize and access items regularly. If you need hidden storage, a chest is likely the better wooden furniture pick. But if you want to easily grab items as needed, opt for a catch-all.


Chests range in size from small to large, while catch-all cabinets are generally tall and wide to maximize interior shelf space. Measure your available floor area to determine what will fit. A large chest may provide ample storage in a smaller kitchen, while a roomy kitchen could benefit from a sizable catch-all cabinet. Make sure to leave enough clearance to open the chest lid or cabinet doors fully.


What will you store inside? Chests are ideal for objects like off-season dishware, extra pantry goods, or bulky bakeware since they’re fully enclosed. Meanwhile, catch-all cabinets allow you to neatly organize cooking gadgets, platters serving dishes, or barware that you use more regularly. Think about what types of kitchen items you want to corral when choosing between chest or cabinet wooden furniture.


Chests and cabinets come in myriad aesthetic styles, finishes, and colors to match any kitchen design. For a cohesive look, select a chest or catch-all cabinet in the same style as your other wooden kitchen furniture. Or make one of these pieces a focal point with unique distressed, painted, or contemporary styling. Size and layout also impact visual appeal; a sizable cabinet anchors a room, while a petite chest fits better in a small or cluttered area.

With their spacious storage and organization, both chests and catch-all cabinets are excellent wooden furniture additions to any kitchen. Assess your space, storage needs, frequently used items, and style preferences. That will determine whether a lidded chest or a shelved cabinet is the best solution for your kitchen. If you’re looking for wooden furniture, we offer both Amish-crafted chests and catch-all cabinets. According to Forbes (as well as our team!), Amish furniture is 100% hand-crafted. Contact Amish Mike today for more information.