Bored Of That Backyard Shed? Here Are 4 Ways You Can Transform It

discount-sheds-300x240  In the past, backyard sheds were all about practicality. They were primarily used for storage, so it was recommended that people add an extra 25% when calculating their space to account for future needs. In recent years, however, people have begun to branch out of this limited and restrictive shed interpretation; let’s take a look at four of the most fun shed adaptations you could have in your own backyard.

  1. Backyard Bar: With summer approaching, backyard barbeques will be picking up in full swing. Since having to run back and forth from the kitchen to get drinks is such a drag, why not bring the bar outside? The themes are limitless (tropical tiki, pirate, etc.) and the booze will be flowing all summer long!
  2. Cute Coop: Owning chickens is extremely fun (and not too complicated), especially if you live out in the country. Plus, you get free eggs out of the deal! In order to make sure your hens are healthy and safe, you’ll need to install a mesh frame door and screened windows to provide adequate ventilation — and a secure enclosure to keep predators out.
  3. Secluded Studio: Sometimes, the house is just too noisy and busy. If you’re looking for a place you can escape to, you can revamp that old shed to be comfy and cozy — and quiet. The added privacy gives you the peace of mind to do what relaxes you most, whether it’s painting, reading, or napping.
  4. Firewood Storage: If your Amish built shed is too small to be reborn as the above options, it can still serve a purpose. Firewood needs to be protected from the rain and snow if it’s going to burn properly. since you’ll be needing it the most during the coldest, wettest time of the year, you can save yourself the smoke by stacking your firewood in your custom shed.

Amish sheds are built to last. Even if you opt for the more affordable discount sheds, you’ll be able to use and enjoy them for years to come. As long as you’re having fun with your backyard project, you can’t go wrong.

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