Beyond Storage: 5 Creative Uses For Your Outdoor Shed


On average, people spend around 90% of their time inside. That’s typically a good thing during a pandemic, when we’re being encouraged to stay home to stop the spread of viral diseases. But since summer is here, it’s not surprising that you’d want to come up with safe ways to enjoy the beautiful weather.


Ultimately, staying on your own property and limiting your contact with others outside your own household are safe practices we should all be following as much as possible. And while you might enjoy spending time in the garden or on the deck, you may yearn for a spot that can offer some privacy or sense of escape. Although they might not look like much on the surface, garages and sheds — when used to their full potential — can provide the tranquility and self-fulfillment you seek.


Although garages and sheds can certainly be used to store garden equipment and other necessary tools, that’s far from their only purpose. In today’s post, we’ll outline just a few creative ways you can use custom Amish sheds that have virtually nothing to do with landscaping or personal storage.


Arts and Crafts Space

Garages and sheds are often used to address a shortage of storage space within a home. But if your house lacks some square footage, you might consider using a garden shed to support your involvement in a particular hobby. If you’re a crafting fiend, for example, it might make sense to transform a shed into a space where you can pursue this passion. From knitting and crocheting to painting and pottery, you can make this shed into a small studio for your creative endeavors.

Personal Gym

Since gyms and health clubs remain closed in many areas due to health concerns, you might feel discouraged in your efforts to keep up with your fitness routine at home. If you don’t have a room you can turn into a home gym, why not use your shed? You can easily add some basic exercise equipment or stick to a yoga mat and free weights. From your shed, you can safely work out at home without disturbing others. Best of all, you can keep all of your equipment in one spot for the long term, rather than deal with a room that’s small and cluttered.

Home Office

With more people working from home for the foreseeable future, families have to embrace innovative solutions to promote productivity. If you don’t currently have your own separate office space at home, you might be getting tired of trying to video conference from your kitchen or sharing the guest room with your spouse. As long as you’re able to access the internet and hook up your electronic equipment to a power source, garages and sheds can make excellent alternatives to the conventional home office.

Kids’ Playhouse

Many playgrounds, daycare centers, and other locations remain closed, but that doesn’t mean that playtime is canceled for your kids. Your backyard shed can easily be transformed into a magical house perfect for those summer afternoons. Depending on how the shed is furnished and what you include inside, it can also be a haven for rainy days. Whether your kids like to play dress-up or they want to explore the backyard, the shed can easily become one of their favorite childhood spots.

She-Shed or Man Cave

It’s understandable that you might need to just get away from all of the stress for a little while. After all, trying to juggle all of these new responsibilities and deal with the anxiety of a pandemic is proving to be too much for most Americans. But you can enjoy a bit of escapism safely when you opt for a she-shed or man cave. You can fill your shed with some comfy furniture, some snacks, and some amenities (like a good book or a TV set) for whenever you need to take a little time-out.

Garages and sheds are conventionally used for storage, but it’s clear that sheds can be used for so much more. To find out about our Amish sheds and how they can be used around your property, please contact us today.