Bars & Accessories
MS- Bar as Shown with Top Braces $2,490
MS-#500 36" x 68" Outdoor Serving Bar (shown in Brazilian Walnut/Coastal Gray) w/ Bar Top Braces, Bar Foot Rail, Bar Stools, As Pictured $4,280
MS-#500 36" x 68" Outdoor Serving Bar (shown in Black/Antique Mahogany) shown w/Bar Top Braces, Bar Stools. As Pictured $4,185. Bar stools $385 each
MS- Bar as Pictured with Top Braces and 2 Adjustable Shelves $2,910
MS- Bar as Pictured with Top Braces, 2 Adjustable Shelves, and 2 Drawer Inserts $3,550
MS- Bar as Pictured: Bar Top Braces, Bar Foot Rails, Drawer Insert, Door Kit, 18"x18"x28" Electric Refrigerator $4,575
MS- Bar as Pictured: Bar Top Braces, 2 Drawer Inserts, 2 Door Kits $4,750
BG-ODIS4272 Outdoor Island $2,610 [ODIS4272IB Outdoor Island w/ Ice Bowl- $2,745]
BG- Outdoor Island backside
CR- 162: 62" Island with Door Option: Counter Height $2,405; Bar Height $2,510
CR- 162: 62" Island: Counter Height $2,040; Bar Height $2,045. Door option $375
WV SU-Ba: Summerside Bar 3'x4' $1,420 3'x5' $1,610 3'x6' $2,035 3'x8' $2,675
Summerside Bar: Behind Bar View
KC-KC9048 Monarch Grand Bar $1,050
DB-605 Cascade Bar $1,575
DB-6065 Cascade Bar Set [2 Stools and Bar] $2,030
CC-255: 5ft Bar 60"Wx31"Dx40"H- $1,315
CC-255/256: 5ft/7ft Bar [Backside]
CC-256: 7ft Bar 84"Wx31"Dx40"- $1,885
CC-254-S: Small Buffet ["Bar"] 35"Wx18"Dx32"H- $670
CC-254-L: Large Buffet ["Bar"] 47.5"Wx18"Dx32"H- $815
WV SU-TaI: 4'x6' SummerSide Ice Table: Bar $3,180 Counter $3,050 Dining $2,925
WV SE-Ic: 35" SeaAira Ice Pit $1,370
Small Stand Cooler (Bottle Opener close-up) [Other teams available]
Small Stand Cooler- $525 Sports Teams are available as well
Bar Stools
KC-KC3200 Monarch Balcony Stool 25" $395
KC-KC3300 Monarch Bar Stool $405
CR-178 Swivel Barstool $430
CR-173 Bar Stool $300
CR-173 PAT-Bar Stool $300
DB-599 Cascade Bar Stool $250
CC-6645: Barstool 29"H x16" $220
CC-6646: Saddle Barstool 29"Hx20"W- $240
BG-POBS1430: Outdoor Bar Stool $270
BG-SDCS2026: Saddle Counter Stool $275
BG-SDBS2131: Saddle Bar Stool $290