Why Is Amish Furniture So Superior? Read On To Find Out

woodenoutdoorfurniture-300x240  You’ve probably heard that Amish crafters are known for making high-quality furniture — in fact, it might even be a little odd if you haven’t heard that, since the Amish created some of the first settlements in the U.S. (long before it was even called the United States) and Amish craftsmen have been creating superior indoor furniture and wooden outdoor furniture for decades. But what makes Amish furniture so special? you might ask. Should I bother looking for an Amish store or re-seller for my next purchase? Yes. You should. And here are a few reasons why:

  • Amish crafters often make their products completely by hand, without electricity. In other words, when you buy a piece of Amish furniture, you can be sure that it wasn’t mass-produced on an assembly line in some sketchy factory in New Jersey (no offense to New Jersey, you’re a great state). The techniques used have been developed over time, and many were even brought over to the New World by immigrants coming from Europe. There’s a lot of tradition involved in Amish furniture.
  • Many pieces are made out of 100% wood, when possible. The benefits of wooden outdoor furniture are many: it doesn’t rust, it doesn’t melt, it doesn’t dent. Wooden outdoor furniture isn’t just some trend which will become the internet’s entertainment in ten years from now (looking at you, plastic blow-up armchairs). With larger structures, like garages and sheds, other high-quality materials are often used in addition to wood. The typical Amish-built barn has reinforced doors and heavy-duty trim, and promises to protect any fragile or expensive equipment you own.
  • Customers often choose Amish furniture simply because there are so many ways to customize it. There are many general styles to choose from, like the Shaker and Mission styles, but there are also many types of wood, sizes, and colors to choose from. Many Amish stores will have pre-made pieces of wooden outdoor furniture available to look at (and buy, too), but Amish outdoor furniture specialists have been known for always putting their customers first, and many craftsmen are willing to work with their customers to create a structure that fits their needs and their budget.

All sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? Almost too good to be true? Well, it definitely is true, and you’re feeling skeptical, don’t be afraid to poke around the internet and find out more. It’s important to remember that buying furniture can be a big investment, so you’ll want to make sure that it’s an investment which will last for years to come.